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Time came to mind this morning. An unmeasured walk, what happened, was time lost? Some music playing, 'in the pouring rain, very strange'. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going or how I was getting there. I dwell upon the words 'paying' and 'attention', I notice my thoughts drifting, my body moving in a multitude of ways to allow me to walk. Walking as a rhythm, a cadence, a duration, in its own time. Time becomes amorphous, my body time, ebbing and flowing like the tide, and this other time, moving along, through air, past many things, flowing, a step, stepping, through time. I come back to this body of time, embodied time, these circadian rhythms, keeping my time, a pulse, energies. I notice the air as I breath it in and out, a feeling of being in a bubble of time, dissolving, reforming. The music has moved on, 'and kept my mind from wandering'. Some minutes have passed by.

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