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I meant to write about Blogger and Flickr.
I'm trying to use Blogger as a daily thing, a photograph or a piece of writing, gathering bits and pieces, not much idea of what I'm doing or why, but it feels okay in a pleasantly vague way, like a slow journey through town or across Europe or around the Universe.
Flickr, well, I see this more like a photo archive - I can find old photographs here and each one has a unique URL, so I can point to one if the need be. In both Blogger and Flickr I can easily change the date retrospectively.
I've stopped using Tumblr.
But I've started looking at Wordpress again, another old blog, but it is a bit fiddly for archiving or even blogging. But if the plug is pulled on Blogger by Google I might have to export the content to Wordpress, which seems a fairly simple process. So Wordpress is a 'backstop', in waiting, not holding my breath, place. Coffee finished.

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