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Coffee at The Flask, Hampstead

Coffee at The Flask, Hampstead

Peace of mind, Neil Young. The song plays in my mind. A vast landscape, I sit up against a young tree to listen. A rock floats by. I'm still close to my dreams. A sense of thought.

I'm going to a conference today, called a symposium. It's ostensibly touching on conviviality. At the Design Museum, which is in Kensington High Street now, in the old Commonwealth building.  I'm apprehensive. I wonder who will allude to our (convivial) common wealth? Who will talk of convivial 'being'. I write some notes in relation to my feelings of apprehension. Why do I go? Probably something to do with Dougald sending me his group email, which I don't subscribe to. I also go to explore, the area, the building, to enter a black hole, no whole, and these human beings who exist in institutional caves. A little adventure, a journey through this day. I'm going to shop now, food for the new fridge to digest.

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