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Thursday 3 October 2019

Oh, wonderful, a babbling photograph, an afterword, another world, articulated in an aesthetic way, aesthetic as 'perception with senses'. I like your photographic afterwords. They add to your words, a twist, a turn, a little magic sometimes.

Coffee interrupted my writing, actually I was hesitating, so the coffee was welcome, I finished coffee but began writing this, so I'm between modes of writing. I wrote, 'how you want to be is how you are'. The line of words conjured up a bunch of questions. How am I? How do I want to be? The line of thought seems like a tautology or is it an oxymoron, or both? I could say, 'how I am, is how I want to be'. From 'you' to 'I'. A slight shift from objective to subjective self. But I'm still left with this ping-pong effect. How to imagine a state of being that doesn't end up between this and that. A form of thought  where asserting or negating ideas dissolve into the mists, a realm of being where ideas dance with articulated thoughts, a landscape of consciousness falling, settling, decaying, a winter of content, contemplating.

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