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Painting Wall, Goldhurst Terrace

Painting Wall, Goldhurst Terrace

A photo lingers, misty.
Words, shaping light into day.
Appearance and reality mingling.
A play of a day.
The magic of moments.
Seen, sensed, a presence.

The magic of stillness
sitting, still, words appearing on a screen, one letter at a time, into the light of another day. This writing with light. And a photograph. The shape of a day.

I unpack a film of negatives.
Lay them on a pad of light.
Open FilmLab on the iPhone.
Negatives become positive.
I make a positive image of the negatives.

now, a thought of sequence, a trace,
a trail of images, continuities
forming with light, and dark,
sense nearly taking form,
to rewrite, re-arrange,
this misty, landscape of mind,
light forming shape, shapes the day,
holding a play of light, reflecting,
photographs linger

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