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Holly Bush Steps, Hampstead

Holly Bush Steps, Hampstead

What I sometimes tend to think about when I think about photography, writing, walking, playing, dancing, running is something more akin to philosophy. The Herb Elliott running book was a clue, I didn't consciously know about 'philosophy', but the book approached running in a way that was more akin to how I felt about running. I also felt this way about photography. I vaguely understood I was interested in photography, more so than individual photographs. I wanted to find out what photography meant to me. Not so much the analysis or defining of individual photographs, or even what I or others did with photography. It seemed something else was going on. A question of the why of photography was and is always lingering for me. Sometimes the why question stopped me doing photography. Other times I knew I could make photographs and ask questions afterwards.

I think about realms of thinking. Photography for me relates to an aesthetic realm; feeling a way through. This 'feeling-my-way-through' seems to relate to embodied movement - I have to do something for something to happen; pick up a pen, pick up a camera, put some shoes on for going out, walking, dancing, running. My 'bowling shoes' were just right for dancing. Things begin to feel 'right', or not. This aesthetic realm, a form of understanding, is about thoughts and feelings.

Another realm of thinking relates to a more specified way of understanding; this is about knowledge, truths, facts, evidence. This realm is more to do with a scientific approach; social sciences, mathematics, economics and so on.

Philosophically these realms of thought can be traced back a couple of thousand years or so. This interests me, no so much as a form of study, but I like the idea of riffing of this thinking through reading and writing. And sometimes I make a photograph or two that seem to relate to none of this.

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