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Sunday 17 November 2019

YouTube Search.
I sometimes check out films on YouTube. I rarely watch a film from beginning to end, same with books. Bits and pieces. Everything a reference.
I wonder about biology, a realm that seems to encompass many aspects of life. A quick search reveals a multitude of approaches, attitudes and definitions; the philosophies and politics of biology. My own feeling tends towards ecological thought and the relationships we want with humans and nonhumans.
I finish my coffee. Glass of water. Feeling a way into the day.
Still sorting, arranging, re-arranging things. It's a strange and interesting form of articulation, akin to writing, cooking, photographing, walking. These forms and ways of moving that in a multitude of ways shape the day, the days, weeks, years of being alive.
Holding on, letting go, falling, floating, lightly. Lightness of being. Burden of appearance. On air. On water. Cold air falling. Water. Warm air rising. Cloud. Moisture trickles. Wind wobbles. A wobbly child passes by, stops, we wave at each other, I wiggle my fingers, she giggles, and a smile. Back to coffee.
Holding on, letting go, breathing out, a sigh.
A strange being. Unseen. Until it touches an object. The Moon, a burning mirror. This lightness of being.
All around. Unseen. Until one notices one's breath on a cold morning.
Moisture all around. Unseen. A trickle, a pond, puddle, seeping into the ground, mulching, a spring, a trace, a stream.
A concept. Time to go.
Falling apart. Holding together.
Feeling a way into the day.

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