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Hub Cafe, Regent's Park

Hub Cafe, Regent's Park

A sense of silence invades my thoughts.
The word 'invades' invades my silence.
I'm not sure of how this is.

My experience has very little to do with words. My limited vocabulary of words can only re-present how I am. The words are not how I am. A cacophony of feelings, thoughts, and this atmosphere, this ambience, this other space. Here.

A sadness pervades my presence. I begin to sense a dream, dreams from not long ago, this last night. Not to be analysed. To be synthesised. Into my conscious landscape, my awoken imagination, this way I think.

A vulnerability, this perception of vulnerability, a feeling of numbness, a mix of not being sure what to do or what to say, so silence pervades, the word came out as invades.

I move to become me again. Toes, nose, heart, air, breath, deeply. A wiggle here, a wobble there. A dash of water, on lips. The coffee, digesting. Stirring my decay.

Stillness, everything moving. Within me, around me, with me. This feeling of mingling with everything. I awake to this everything. This stuff that is me. On one hand feeling overwhelmed. On the the other hand feeling, not sure, the words 'just' and 'being' come to mind.

A Photograph
A photograph was in my landscape of thought as I wrote.

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