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Sunday 29 December 2019

A sense of luminosity and emptiness at the same time. Framed, embodied, reflecting. Little things around. An experience of being. Our photographs, to contemplate. To become part of something else. Without comment. And later. An email. A montage. A sequence. Our photographs now. Those old photographs. This augmented memory. Seeing experience. Earlier I was vaguely thinking about how I define experience. I started with my here and now; this iPhone, pen, cup, notebook, writings, music, clatter, table, light, reflections. A photographs frames what I see. I sense so much more. I feel I could be here sensing for ever, infinite, until the sense empties into everything, weird. I loop back on my thought, try to reason rather than reflect. I imagine experience. The experience itself was different from thinking about the experience. Everything is part of the experience. I see everything is experiencing and I'm part of that. I experience seeing. Time to awaken. To walk into the rain, experience the rain, with the raindrops experiencing me.

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