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The End of the World Has Already Happened

Will climate change destroy the world’s economy, flood cities, cause mass migrations and even cause regional wars?
In this three-part series Timothy Morton rethinks our psychological relationship with the climate crisis, and our place in the biosphere.

1: We're doomed!
If this climate crisis is a trauma, is there a way to reframe it? And what happens to our feelings when we do? ‘This is foetal-position time, but it’s on us: dolphins don’t have fingers to turn off the oil pipes.’ Feeling guilty and powerless is not the answer: ‘How come we conned ourselves into thinking that being ecological means we can’t have any fun anymore?’

2: The Hurricane In Your Cereal Bowl
In this second episode, Tim Morton introduces his concept of hyperobjects - entities like mass extinction, global warming and hurricanes which are 'things', but so massively distributed in time and space that it’s hard to point to them - they can feel like abstractions but are ferociously, catastrophically real.

3: Cue The Sinister Music
There are no solutions to the climate crisis in this programme. But by opening up different ways of relating to other humans, and non-humans, might we then find it easier to act?

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