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Thursday 5 December 2019

I dwell for a moment on the way Halloween is treated in the system culture we are situated in. In the desire of business to cultivate the delight of children. And in between the parents playing along. Some say it's hard to resist. In this moment I try to move away from this way of thinking, to resist. My thoughts slip back through time and experiences, back to that time when I (we) lived in an enchanted space between being a child, a culture of delights, and becoming an adult, becoming beholden to a system culture. I imagine tricksters, witches, broomsticks, shaman; Carlos Castaneda books come to mind, and Alan Watts, and Aldous Huxley, and Dune. These books.

Books, Running
Another book comes to mind, probably one of the first books I wanted to keep. It was a book on running. By Herb Elliott. I was interested in thinking about running and how to run. The school teachers seem to just talk (shout) about going faster and pushing harder. I didn't like that way of thinking about running. I used to enjoy running. The teachers made running into sport. But I still wanted to run. I run in different ways. Up and down slopes around the Sports Ground, through the woods, through puddles, and then in different ways across Palewell Park and Richmond Park. Not 'cross-country' school running; running and stopping and wandering, running up a hill, wandering, running along a sandy horse track, running across Beverley Brook, sitting on the trunk of a tree, standing in the cold, shivering, running in the rain. And back to the Sports Ground and running around the running track. I learnt to run around the bends, beginning to time my self, running the 440yds, trying to get under one minute. The four minute mile was in my mind. But I wasn't running just to become faster or to beat someone, or to win. I wasn't quite sure. The Herb Elliott book offered me a way of thinking about running and that my way of running was okay. Sports teachers never seem to have time to think in this way about running. A sort of running with a 'philosophical attitude' - a concept that didn't occur to me until late in the Sixties with those other books, and by then I was into dancing, for the same reasons, more or less, as running, and now writing keeps me dancing and running in my dreams.

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