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Cue The Sinister Music

Writer and philosopher Timothy Morton continues to share his ideas about our psychological relationship with global warming. How could we cope better with our feelings about what’s happening, so we can get on with something better for our planet? In this final episode, he finds sources of hope for the future. There are no solutions to the climate crisis in this programme. But by opening up different ways of relating to other humans, and non-humans, might we then find it easier to act? Tim spends time in a cat cafe and a nightclub, and listens to a children’s story, the worldview of the Lakota people and a hacked nature documentary, as well as the voices of young people engaged in climate protests. The aim? To liberate humans from the ‘patriarchal, hierarchical, heteronormative possibility space’, and to relearn our connectedness to everything on the planet.

With contributions from environmental scientist and writer Liam Heneghan, artist Amy Cutler, activists Sarah Eagleheart, Colibrí Sanfiorenzo Barnhard, George Monbiot and Hilton Kelley, and psychotherapist Caroline Hickman, as well as a reading by Laurie Anderson.

Produced by Chris Elcombe
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 4.

Featured music:
Alexandra Spence - Immaterial (Longform Editions)
Anna Peaker - Realm of Perfume and Lights (Longform Editions)
Dawn of Midi - Nix & Io (Thirsty Ear)
Felicity Mangan - Stereo’frog’ic (Longform Editions)
Ondness - Malta Inquieta (Discrepant)
Siavash Amini - A Recollection of the Disappeared (Room40)
Tomoko Sauvage - Making of a Rainbow

Cue The Sinister Music (Timothy Morton)

The End of the World Has Already Happened (BBC4)

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