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Sunday 2 February 2020

Consciousness, I guess

What's your guess? Consciousness is pervasive, it's fundamental. Everything has experience, in so many different ways. We can learn to reflect upon our experiences; pleasure, pain, visual and auditory. The beings that make up a body, my body, experience, simple life forms, cells, neurones, atoms. A continuum of consciousness. Co-existing. Sensing Body. Re-presented in brain. Moments. Snapshots. Continuum. To know from the inside out. Science knows about matter from the outside of things. Observe. Quantities of things. Things re-presented through mathematics. Qualities of things. To capture taste? Outside of 'science'. Science dealing with quantities rather than qualities of things. Appearance. How things feel. Aesthetics. Physics tell us nothing about the intrinsic nature of matter; what matter is, in and of itself. A hole in the scientific story. Maybe that space is consciousness - the intrinsic nature of matter. Perception of matter / entities. Science from the outside. Matter from the inside constituted through consciousness - intrinsic nature. To know something of ourselves from the inside through consciousness. To know something of ourselves from the outside, science. Science can correlate feelings by asking questions and seeing bits of the brain light up on a computer screen - bits of brain correlated with hunger, visual experience, pleasure, pain, anxiety. How to explain these correlations? Why is this or that so? Consciousness is unobservable. You can't look inside my head and see my feelings and experiences. I'm conscious of my consciousness. I can ask myself, I can ask you. I can't directly perceive your consciousness.

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