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Hopalong Cassidy

Hopalong Cassidy watch from 1956

Manufactured by Timex, probably at their factory in Dundee, Scotland, in the 1950s.

The Hopalong Cassidy character was a prominent part of the consumer culture in the United States and elsewhere. This Hopalong Cassidy wrist watch is an example of how we became consumed in corporate culture in the 1950s. The Hopalong Cassidy relates to the rise of 'tie-in' products associated with television programmes aimed specifically at children. Hopalong Cassidy originally appeared in novels, but, from 1935, was the star of 66 feature films and subsequently radio shows, comic strips and television, being one of the very first internationally-distributed U.S. television programmes. William Boyd, the actor who played Hopalong Cassidy, bought the rights to the character and licensed a wide range of character tie-ins throughout the world, including this watch.

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