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Saturday 1 February 2020

I become me. Me becomes I. I'm not sure what this is about. It feels this way sometimes. Maybe another I. The everyday 'I' just does what it does, like the earth, sky, water does its own thing. This 'I' is subsumed to a system. A relative existence. The other 'I', maybe a reflective being, sometimes empty, unknowing, curious, overwhelmed, overcoming. I try not to confuse things by adding a third 'I'. All these I's are interwoven. I have a tendency to separate things out. Two dimensions. I like the idea of a third dimension as well, but haven't really focussed in on that. Also, I'm not sure if 'dimension' is the term I want to use. The other term that comes to mind is 'sphere', but this doesn't convey into words this third aspect of being. The  2i's cafe comes to mind as play on 'I' and eye's. Once I begin thinking about 'I' the concept shatters, fragments, becomes a trillion pieces, becoming smaller, infinitesimally tiny, beyond appearance, seemingly empty, this is emptiness, and strangely untouched. A Landscape. Trees. Earth. Fire. Cloud. In my landscape of consciousness. A dreamlike place. A photograph, 2010, Los Angeles

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