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Cosmic Joe and the sound of silence

There is nothing that can be of greater spiritual help than music. Meditation is a preparation for perfection; but it is music that comes nearest to it…. Both work together; for they are one…
Hazrat Inayat Khan: On Music

Following the release of the Brian Eno produced Day of Radiance album, in 1980, Laraaji used the electric zither to make further solo recordings alongside collaborations with Roger Eno, Bill Nelson and Kate St. John as Channel Light Vessel, with Japanese hip-hoppers Audio Active, Bill Laswell and sound therapist Jonathan Goldman. In addition to concerts Laraaji has, for many years, conducted regular Laughter Meditation workshops and performed at various meetings and gatherings across the USA, and been an important contributor to healing Arts festivals and conferences as his beautiful Celestial sounds create a warm and soothing atmosphere for both presenters and visitors. As devotee of the late Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, founder of the Ananda Ashram in Harriman, New York, he was initiated as Laraaji Nadananda in 1985. With the release of a new solo album, My Orangeness,  Laraaji granted this rare interview to Kevin Eden where he talks about his life, works and beliefs.

Cosmic Joe and the sound of silence

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