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Does it dance?

Nietzsche’s ubiquitous references to dance are ever-present reminders that the work of overcoming oneself – of freeing oneself enough from anger, bitterness and despair to say ‘Yes!’ to life – is not just an intellectual or scientific task. An ability to affirm life demands bodily practices that discipline our minds to elemental rhythms, to the creativity of our senses, and to the ‘great reason’, our body, ‘that does not say “I” but does ‘I”.’ Only when we engage in such practices will we have the sensory awareness we need in order to discern whether the values we create and the movements we make express love for ourselves and the Earth.

For Nietzsche, life’s ultimate question was: ‘Does it dance?’

Kimerer LaMothe is a philosopher, dancer and scholar of religion
(and at Psychology Today)

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