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Protect your lungs, exercise, sleep well and rest

Tom Wingfield, a physician and clinical lecturer in infectious diseases at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, says you should avoid anything that damages your lungs – stop smoking, and don't expose others to secondhand smoke. "Open fires are not great, and if you have allergies that irritate your lungs, avoid what you can." One upside of the lockdown is that air pollution has decreased. And, says Wingfield, "[general aerobic] exercise will help your lungs". There is no magic supplement.

The advice is as it has always been: reduce your alcohol consumption, exercise, sleep well and reduce stress. A varied, balanced diet, with lots of vegetables and fruit, is important, but there is little evidence for most vitamin and mineral supplements. 

Proper rest and protect your lungs: doctors on what you should really do for your health right now
The Guardian
Emine Saner

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