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Cycling and walking plan for England

Electrically-assisted bikes, or e-bikes, help you pedal using a small motor, powered by a battery which can be charged from a normal household socket. No licence, equipment or insurance is needed to ride one.

They are particularly useful for people who, for example, need to ride in business clothes without breaking sweat, or to ride up hills, or to travel long distances, who are older or less fit, or who are otherwise put off by the physical effort of an ordinary bike. As such, they could be hugely important in our goal of bringing non- traditional groups to cycling including older and disabled people. We will establish a national e-bike support programme, which could include loans, subsidies, or other financial incentives, using the learning from other schemes in the UK and abroad for e-bikes, adapted e-bikes and other e-vehicles. (page 39 - 'We will establish a national e-bike support programme') 

Cycling and walking plan for England
Policy paper
Sets out a vision for a travel revolution in England's streets, towns and communities.

E-Bike Sharing (App)
Human Forest
We’re getting started in London. 
We're currently in the trial phase so please bear with us. 
Twenty minutes on an e-bike each day.

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