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QAnon in Japan

QAnon’s days as a solely U.S. phenomenon are over.

The conspiracy theory’s foothold in Japan - home to one of its most active networks outside the U.S. - demonstrates how the movement can be made palatable in a range of countries as it gains popularity from Europe to Brazil. Research by social media analytics firm Graphika Inc. shows the Japan-based QAnon community is among the most developed international chapters, with distinct terminology, influencers, and behaviours - such as idolising Michael Flynn, a former U.S. national security adviser in the Trump administration. “What we’re seeing now is an adaptation of U.S. QAnon taking root in European countries, whereas in Japan and Brazil, it does seem to be slightly more independent and self-sustaining as an ideology,” said Melanie Smith, head of analysis at Graphika. 

QAnon’s Rise in Japan Shows Conspiracy Theory’s Global Spread

Max Zimmerman . Bloomberg

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