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Sunday 29 November 2020

Just gone 10. Dampness, a thin film of cloud engulfs everything. 40ยบ earlier, an electric bike ride, just 20 minutes, but enough to shift my consciousness a few degrees towards awakening. A coffee, cup warming fingers, a pen to move my hand and fingers, words appear on white paper under the minimal desk light. I riff off a book for a few minutes, ‘Being Ecological’, rooted in the ground you grew from, settled in another place, and, choreograph your day. Here I am. Web site updated. Email gradually sorted. Later, I will make an effort to get out on my bike again, and then as darkness returns try to get my self to go for a little walk. So often I tell my self this, to walk a little each evening, but by the end of the day my mood / attitude has changed and I’m mired in a comfort zone.

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